High-Resolution Downloads

You might want to check out some of these new high-resolution downloads. They are licensed by Shutterstock.com, and they could be used for screen savers, or turned into framed prints, or printed up as church bulletin covers, or whatever you wish, for the most part.* They are pretty reasonable, about $12-$15 per download. If you want, you could put them on a thumb drive and take them down to the local art store, print shop, frame shop, or photo imaging store, and from there, they could get you a high-quality C-Print or equivalent, and they could even frame it for you

if you wish. I hope you like these, they were a lot of fun to make. It’s been kind of a hobby for me over the last few years. I take pictures with my Nikon camera in and around Nashville Tennessee, and in the Carolinas (when I am on the way to visit the relatives by car), and I modify them in Photoshop. They come from the heart and are meant to inspire the soul. More pics to come soon!

*Consult Shutterstock.com for details on licensing.